"My aim for doing the program was to listen better. I don't have hearing problems but felt like this program would help me with my cognitive skills...which is exactly what it did...since such therapy is relatively new to me I was a bit apprehensive but Louise ensured I was comfortable and relaxed. 
Music is very healing and here I learnt to differentiate the noise from the sounds...It really helped refine my cognitive skills by improving my listening.
I think the older we grow the lesser we listen which makes therapies like these important for everyone."


"My experience at Sonum reinstated that music is to be listened to, not heard as a background sound. The session was exhilarating. When I put down the headphones, I felt a state of happiness from within. Thank you Louise for introducing benefits of music thru SLT.”


"...My son had 2 listening therapy phases with the hope of helping him with his speech delay...he was talking in only 3 word sentences and many a time would get frustrated at not being able communicate his needs. When I met him again after 2 months and the 2 sessions, he was able to compose clear sentences of multiple words, to express feeling and emotions, to ask questions or to reply to queries. I could actually have a proper conversation with him and get him to describe various events that happened. I am personally very happy with his progress and the confidence he has now, as compared to earlier.” lb


Right from the first contact Louise was extremely helpful and made sure I understood what it was all about and eased any lingering doubts I may have had. 
My son was not the easiest to work with as he doesn't like anyone touching his ears and making him wear headphones was a real task, but Louise stayed calm and never stopped trying. After a few sessions he settled down and enjoyed his time with Louise so much he would ask to go listen to music everyday!! 
Over the 2 sets of therapy sessions we had with Louise, the changes in his ability to grasp words and speak in sentences was tremendous. He was able to express himself better which lead to him acting up less and using his words to communicate his needs. 
For me as a parent also attending the sessions was amazing. After the initial settling in phase, I got to relax and get more in tune with myself and my needs as compared to when I started. Louise creates such a calming atmosphere that many a time I would catch a quick nap or spend some time colouring which helped me relax and let go of any tensions I had.