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The history behind listening therapy

Systemic Listening Therapy is based on the research and life's work of the French ear, nose and throat physician Dr. Alfred Tomatis (1920-2001).  Dr. Tomatis discovered the relationship between the ear and the voice.  This first discovery became the cornerstone of the Tomatis Method.  With the help of changed frequencies, gated music and a bone conductor, Tomatis created a device (the Electronic Ear) that enabled the patient to hear their voice with those frequencies that were missing in their listening profile.  Based on this discovery, further therapeutic applications followed.  
Since 2007 his research has been enhanced and further developed by the German Auris Integralis Institute.  By incorporating the most recent neurobiological as well as neuropsychological discoveries, they have created a more holistic therapy concept known as Systemic Listening Therapy.

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